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National Awarded Organization- NAFS Offers UGC, AICTE, DEC, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India Approved University Fire and Safety Courses

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Message From Our President

Hon'ble Shri Sureshji Meshram

(Retired Employee of Maharashtra Education Department)
Dear Students,

The rise in demand for Fire & Safety Engineering as a branch is closely linked to industrial growth because increased growth implies more focus on production in addition to the establishment of new plant. To ensure that the production plant with their machineries keep delivering the goods it is important that trained people be there to ensure safety , maintenance in case of breakdown , accident , damage control at the earliest, Construction, especially multistoried structures is another field of requirement where Fire Engineering & Safety Personnel are an absolute must.

Fire Engineering and Industrial Safety as a career option is fast catching up with the students in India. A rough assessment of the Industrial and Government demand puts the requirement at over 50,000 fire and safety personnel every year. The stage is similar to the advent of the computer resolution 7 years back. Fire and Safety Engineering is a field to which all aspects of Science & Technical knowledge pertaining to Fire and Safety is linked. It involves study of subjects that deals with the designing of safer fire resistant equipments and plants; in depth understanding of the Science of Fire & Safety; its hazards and control measures in various associated engineering subjects; Managerial functions which aid in managing a fire fighting alone with other grooming required to make a self reliant Fire-Safety Officer.

Gulf is the biggest fire prone area in the world, because it has the largest storage of oil. Undoubtedly the highest budget of fire prevention and fire protection spent in the world is in the Gulf. They prevent fire by increasing the safety awareness of the people. That translates into thousands of job openings in the field of Safety as Satefy Engineers, Officers and Supervisors. They also reduce the risk of fire by instaling the latest of fire protection systems. As a result the largest installed base of fire pretection systems in the world is the Gulf. This translates into thousands of people required in designing, installing, servicing of the fire protection systems.

Any body looking for a career in computer today is merely adding to the completion, not creating a great opportunity as the initial batches would have. So Fire & Safety Engineering gives You a 10 years head start as compared to the other fields.

Don't wait for tommarow, as it never comes, do all good actions at present only. First come, first served.

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